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Creative Spotlight.

Thomas W. Dowdeswell, UK

Social Daze loves discovering and showcasing the work of artists across all mediums. We feature work here on our website every few months and daily on our Instagram page.

The imagery currently on this website is taken from the work of Thomas W. Dowdeswell, a painter based in Bristol, England.


Dowdeswell, pictured above in black and white, pulls back the curtain on current, controversial issues with surreal political satire, challenging the viewer to confront, digest and empathise with multiple perspectives, both literally and theoretically.


Adopting a surrealist style, Dowdeswell creates a dreamscape atmosphere in which he juxtaposes imagery of desperation and opulence, victimisation and exploitation, in an attempt to explore the inequality of society through a flurry of abstraction and symbolism. Under geometrical figures, symbolic colour palettes and explicit imagery, an intellectual voice is always present.


Dowdeswell has exhibited across the United States, Europe and the UK.


To see more of Dowdeswell's work, please visit his website or follow along on his Instagram. 

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