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Founded in 2019, Social Daze is a creative partnership with a focus on all things social.

Initially separated by 10,000 miles, Dani Brown and Anoush Newman found each other through their love of photography, connecting almost immediately on Instagram. That was 2016. Three years later, they both happened to be living in the same city and quickly realised the potential in working together.


Keen to empower creatives and small businesses, and drawing upon both their personal and commercial experience, they went on to found Social Daze, a forward-thinking creative partnership with a focus on all things social. Their combined expertise spans a disparate range of industries, offering a balanced and sophisticated approach to enrich your online experience.


With Dani's flair for visual aesthetics and content creation, and Anoush's expertise in marketing and customer experience design, together they are uniquely positioned to support you or your business in maximising the power of social media.

See our work on Instagram:


Work with us. 

SocialDaze works with carefully selected creatives to find new ways to tell your brand’s story.

Contact us if you are keen to work with our team.

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